Green Atlas Logistics combined 10 different organizations located in 9 countries and created a global logistics organization serving over 50 countries across the globe. We now employ over 1,000 trained logisticians and local entrepreneurs, in an expanding worldwide network of locations. Since we are capitalized by private equity, we’ve grown quickly and are a non-asset based organization that shares one vision.

The vision of Green Atlas Logistics Ltd. is to be the leading African Shipping headquartered integrated logistics company. We’re developing operations in all Africa countries plus generating a strong presence across the globe. By combining these proven local enterprises we can offer customized value-added supply chain solutions to customers who are now increasingly challenged by sophisticated international trade requirements.


The journey began 4 years ago in Douala. The initial platform acquisition in Douala created our foundation. Then we targeted strategic acquisitions (people who fit in) with key vital global locations and similar service cultures. Now after 4 short years, we have built an impressive network of over 10 branch offices in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Philippines, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and United States. We have built an impressive agent network that allows us to serve over 50 countries and is continuously growing.

Green Atlas Logistics collaborates with private equity firm Samena Capital. They are an investment group, who focuses on investments across multiple asset classes in the Subcontinent, Asia, Middle East and North Africa, collectively known as the SAMENA region. Our sweet spot.

Samena Capital’s investment philosophy is to combine a group of business families and entrepreneurs with experienced investment professionals. They manage a large total commitment of capital across a range of open and closed-ended fund structures and have supported the amalgamated rollup model of Green Atlas Logistics since inception.

That sums up Green Atlas Logistics in a few words. We are having a lot of fun as a global group of seasoned professionals with disciplined processes, global systems and family atmosphere. We love serving our customers and are always . . . simply at your service.